Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holiday projects/updates

Sorry I have been gone so long...I just can't bear to give up my website and I update that more often so this one gets neglected,. :o(  Here are some fun holiday projects and up to date stuff too :o)

Cute reindeer hats we made with handprint antlers and a fuzzy red nose of course.  Also the candy cane reindeer was one of our rotations at our party.

We also made this cute snowman marshmallow man as a rotation.  He is on a stirrer stick - the kids loved him!

How can we forget the famous reindeer food everyone likes to make this time of year with oatmeal and glitter.  I found this adorable tag on line.  I will have to add source later...too cute!

                                                        My friend Tammy's board
                                    As seen on Pinterest -- my friend Melia's reindeer door.  :o)
             Another adorable Pinterest idea!  I made these for all my mom helpers.  It is a baby sock for the 
                                                                    snowman's hat.

                                                             Another cute pinterest idea!!!

                                                    Here's what we've been up to in January:
                   My friend Tammy's MLK project - the one she did last year is now flying all over Pinterest!   
                                                               Way to go Tammy!
On the inside they wrote what their dream was...
                      My directed draw -- they did very well on it.  I'll save it for their memory book :o)
  How cute are these?  I got this idea from TPT and we did it our first week back!