Monday, May 28, 2012

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

new blog

I noticed some of my pinterest posts are from here so wanted to put this blog back up just to show you that I am now posting at :
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holiday projects/updates

Sorry I have been gone so long...I just can't bear to give up my website and I update that more often so this one gets neglected,. :o(  Here are some fun holiday projects and up to date stuff too :o)

Cute reindeer hats we made with handprint antlers and a fuzzy red nose of course.  Also the candy cane reindeer was one of our rotations at our party.

We also made this cute snowman marshmallow man as a rotation.  He is on a stirrer stick - the kids loved him!

How can we forget the famous reindeer food everyone likes to make this time of year with oatmeal and glitter.  I found this adorable tag on line.  I will have to add source later...too cute!

                                                        My friend Tammy's board
                                    As seen on Pinterest -- my friend Melia's reindeer door.  :o)
             Another adorable Pinterest idea!  I made these for all my mom helpers.  It is a baby sock for the 
                                                                    snowman's hat.

                                                             Another cute pinterest idea!!!

                                                    Here's what we've been up to in January:
                   My friend Tammy's MLK project - the one she did last year is now flying all over Pinterest!   
                                                               Way to go Tammy!
On the inside they wrote what their dream was...
                      My directed draw -- they did very well on it.  I'll save it for their memory book :o)
  How cute are these?  I got this idea from TPT and we did it our first week back!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall fun

               Our adorable pilgrim art and writing 

Found this idea on pinterest --- love that site.  Paint bubble wrap with orange yellow and brown and put on white paper.  Cut to the shape of corn and add to corn pattern I found on the internet.  Add a bit of raffia and you have a very cute project. :o)
I had to get dressed up to join in the fun for our Journey We Will Go day...
Johnny Cakes, candle making, etc.

Here I am reading to my students -- they are dressed up too.

Then candle friend Tammy always does this rotation with me...The kids LOVE going home with candles they made!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

** WILD RUMPUS** ~~ culminating our unit on Where the Wild Things Are

I love our Wild Rumpus in first grade!  We have a party to culminate our unit on Where the Wild Things are some pictures from our fun day!

Our picture for our memory books

making our 'Max' crowns
Playing a monster dice game - kinda like candyland
(thanks C. Bainbridge for the printable )

Playing a puzzle dice game...I created a bunch of monsters and cut them up in strips...They have words on the bottom - WILD Thing.  Kids roll a die ( that has the matching letters ) WILD on one side and T H I N G on the other sides.  They roll to create their puzzle.  Winner got a prize.  They love this game.

They are trying to roll the letters to finish their puzzle.  You can see wild thing if you look closely.

This puzzle is almost done...just needs the 'n'

We also made a popcorn monster hand with candy corn fingers.
Our Wild Things...they had an at home project to create a wild thing.  I love how creative the kids are...

Such a FUN day !!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

What's going on in my room ~~ centers and other STUFF

We worked on an anchor chart in class today after reading Halloweiner..focusing on sequencing.
I love this center...I found it on pinterest this summer and made it.  Donuts with the middle ( CVC ) vowels written on paper plates.  They create words and read them to their friends and then write them on mini white boards!!
I think I found this on another teacher's website...but I can't remember who :o/ - let me know if it was you.  Sight Word sandwiches...the kids love building their sandwiches and reading the words to their partners.
The are using their book boxes like crazy working so hard in proud of these little guys!

I started a math journal a couple years ago...but I chose 1 student every couple days or so to write about what we learned about in math.  I save it for Open House and the parents enjoy seeing what we've learned.

My students working  hard on sight word building center.  They find the letter tiles to copy the word, spell it under it and read it to their partner.  ALSO instead of spending $$$$ on laminating if you are on a tight budget like our school.  Put your center in a page protector and it works the same.  I got a huge box donated by a parent. :o)

This project was SO much fun.  It was also found on pinterest ( my new favorite time sucker )...darling pumpkins made with strips of paper.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cookie night!! ( math and literacy family night centering around if you give a mouse a cookie

how cute are they in their costumes?

of course we made cookies in class...that evening they tested oreo, oatmeal and chocolate chip and we graphed their favorites.

mixing the ingredients

my daughter and I had to get in the spirit for cookie night :o)

Every year we have cookie night...we make costumes, sing a song, recite poems and visit various centers around the MPR.  Such a fun night!!  We graph our favorite cookie, take a family picture for our memory books, make a mouse (art ), estimate how many hershey kisses fit in a giant size cookie, write # sentences, and have a reading nook with pillows so they can re read the book to their parents.

here's our cookie graph from that night.