Friday, August 5, 2011

Here are a few pictures -- still working on my classroom

my board about me

reading nook area

work display board

helper of the day

big book rolling storage crate

book boxes/whisper phones, etc.

book nooks - thanks to the idea of Beth Newingham

parent donation board for back to school night

my compliment chain poem -- add a link for compliments

computers still being set up...

reading hive entrance
(sign) thanks to my friend Barb Johnson

back of library

inside of library

smarty pants - idea from what the teacher wants blog here is the link

white board

cute way to decorate a crate to store files

Here are some pics of my room -- school starts Wednesday and I'm still working to get everything ready. :o)


  1. Your classroom looks great! Good luck with the tough group...I had a group like that last year. Check out my bee theme blog at
    I just started blogging also!

  2. What an awesome classroom! Love it! I especially like the reading nook. :)

    Colleen Patton

  3. Just found your blog and following you on Pinterest. Adorable ! I must borrow the "Smarty Pants" idea for next year. :)