Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet the teacher - Blog Hopping

Tell us a little about you/how long have you been teaching....  Hi all --- My name is Vicky Moore --- this is my *gulp* 18th year teaching.  I job shared for 7 years so I could raise my kids while they were babies/preschoolers.  I have taught first, second and third grade.  I love teaching and feel so very blessed to be in this profession.  I like many others went to school for something else...psychology.  But...while considering grad school stumbled upon a preschool job and the rest is history.  My mom was a teacher and I feel that some of my natural teaching abilites came from watching her teach. I went back and got my Masters in Education with a focus on curriculum in 1999.  I am NEW to blogging -- so I'm still learning a lot.  I have had a class website for about 5 years:       Mrs. Moore's Busy Bees
I have 2 wonderful children : Mandy 6th grade....Josh 4th grade.  They have gone to my school since Kinder -- what a blessing that has been!!  My husband is a football coach and PE teacher at a local high school.  So we have our summer off together. <3

What you might not know about me....    I love to run and swim and scrapbook.  I dedicate my runs to my amazing mom who passed away in 2007 to cancer.  Not a day goes by when I don't think of her...
My life is filled with the joys of my family as well as a job that I absolutely adore!!  I also feel blessed to be in the midst of such amazing teachers through these blogs.  I love to share ideas and get excited for school to start each year just like the kids do.  I was a junior national competitive swimmer for many years.

Since I'm a newbie -- please become a follower so we can collaborate together. :o)  Happy teaching everyone!

What are you looking most forward to this year?...  I am looking forward to applying many of these wonderful blog ideas into my classroom and incorporating new and fresh ideas into my teaching.  After teaching as long as I have you HAVE to keep it fresh!

What do you need to improve?...  We have had a new math program for a few years now and I changed grade levels last year so it's still new to me.  I would like to get a better handle on it.  I am strong in teaching reading and want to meet the diverse needs of my students better in math.

What teaching supplies can you NOT live without?...  I would have to say my DOC that thing!!!  Also chart paper - I love doing anchor charts and brainstorming with my students!

my beautiful family

My hubby and I - Pismo Beach

My back bib for my runs to honor my precious mom

more running fun...

I have 3 wonderful older brothers -- I'm the only girl and youngest :o)

I LOVE first grade!!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me...come back often :o)

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