Saturday, October 29, 2011

** WILD RUMPUS** ~~ culminating our unit on Where the Wild Things Are

I love our Wild Rumpus in first grade!  We have a party to culminate our unit on Where the Wild Things are some pictures from our fun day!

Our picture for our memory books

making our 'Max' crowns
Playing a monster dice game - kinda like candyland
(thanks C. Bainbridge for the printable )

Playing a puzzle dice game...I created a bunch of monsters and cut them up in strips...They have words on the bottom - WILD Thing.  Kids roll a die ( that has the matching letters ) WILD on one side and T H I N G on the other sides.  They roll to create their puzzle.  Winner got a prize.  They love this game.

They are trying to roll the letters to finish their puzzle.  You can see wild thing if you look closely.

This puzzle is almost done...just needs the 'n'

We also made a popcorn monster hand with candy corn fingers.
Our Wild Things...they had an at home project to create a wild thing.  I love how creative the kids are...

Such a FUN day !!!

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