Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cookie night!! ( math and literacy family night centering around if you give a mouse a cookie

how cute are they in their costumes?

of course we made cookies in class...that evening they tested oreo, oatmeal and chocolate chip and we graphed their favorites.

mixing the ingredients

my daughter and I had to get in the spirit for cookie night :o)

Every year we have cookie night...we make costumes, sing a song, recite poems and visit various centers around the MPR.  Such a fun night!!  We graph our favorite cookie, take a family picture for our memory books, make a mouse (art ), estimate how many hershey kisses fit in a giant size cookie, write # sentences, and have a reading nook with pillows so they can re read the book to their parents.

here's our cookie graph from that night.

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  1. I will add a few more pictures from our fun night soon!!